Elysian Brewing: Releasing The Fix

Last week, my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I attended Elysian Brewing‘s The Fix Release Party. We took a trip back to the 1920s to celebrate this special occasion!

This packaging is adorable!
Dapper John

The Fix is a dark, rich imperial stout brewed with Stumptown Coffee and aged on Theo Chocolate cocoa nibs. The Elysian Taproom was festively decorated and everyone there was full of smiles! One of the highlights of the party was being able to sample The Fix from previous years. Each was a bit different and I was a fan of the 2016 version and the rum barrel aged version.

LRM_EXPORT_46099649345377_20181218_112225021-1024x1536 (1)
Tasting Flight – Previous Versions of The Fix

We also had a chance to enjoy hot dogs from Chavoya’s Hot Dogs. They were well cooked, delicious, and went perfectly with a glass of beer! My apologies for not taking a photo before devouring my hot dog.


To cap off the night, we also had a flight with Raspy Whisper, Hydra Hefeweizen, Bifrost, and Men’s Room Red. Raspy Whisper – A medium bodied brew with raspberry and chocolate. I love these flavors! Hydra Hefeweizen – A medium bodied brew that is fruity, refreshing, and a bit sweet. Bifrost – A medium to sturdy winter pale ale with orange notes and a sweet aroma. Men’s Room Red – A medium bodied brew amber with light hop. This one warmed my soul and felt very comforting.


Did I mention the fun photo booth? Nelson and I love photo booths! Special thanks to Elysian Brewing for inviting us to the celebration!



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