Co-Owner Drew Gillespie Named President of Pike Brewing Company

I’m intrigued by Drew Gillespie’s journey. Drew started as a line cook at The Pike Pub in 1988, which led to Vice President of Operations in 2011, and Co-Owner alongside founders Charles and Rose Ann Finkel, Patti Baker, and Gary Marx in 2015. Earlier today at Tankard & Tun, the Finkels named Drew President of Pike Brewing Company, on his 20th anniversary with the company.

Drew 3
Drew Gillespie, Owner & Vice President Operations of Pike Brewing Co. Photo by Marcus R. Donner © 2018

Under Drew’s watch as Vice President of Operations, Pike Brewing reports that the company has thrived in sales at The Pike Pub, increased brewery production, and successfully added a new restaurant, Tankard & Tun to the family.

Pike Place Brewing 29th Canniversary Party

One of the things I love about Drew’s philosophy is how he thinks about the future. Drew says, “What separates Pike is that we’re always looking forward. While we take pride in the past, Pike was founded by forward thinking, and it’s how we make decisions today. What new beer, what new project is around the corner—that’s what gets me excited about my job.”

Pike Brewing’s Wood Aged Kilt Lifter

Congratulations Drew! We’re looking forward to seeing what you have in store for Pike Brewing in the future!




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