Rasai Continues to Elevate Modern Indian Cuisine

In 2021, I visited Rasai for the first time to try their modern Indian cuisine. It was one of my top two meals of the year! Recently, I was invited to return to sample their multi-course tasting concept, available on Fridays and Saturdays.

Act 1 OFF THE TARTS! Masala papdi tart, mint, cilantro, tamarind, sev, yogurt globule, pomegranate 

A fancy, fun meal is always welcome. The printed menu is colorful, bright, and has punny titles for each course. The meal is a fun and interactive experience, using techniques like a cocktail smoke gun, deconstructing components, and eating with your hands.

Act 2 FUNGI-iest CEVICHE. Trumpet mushroom, citrus brine, spiced mushroom coffee, radish, onions, serrano, boondi croquante. (V, GF)

The tasting menu features some vegan and gluten free options. For example, I had the vegan ceviche and my guest had the fish version. There were also multiple versions of the Act 3 tacos and choices for Act 5.

Act 3 spec-TACO-lar! Paneer tikka, makhni sauce, pickled onion, crème fraiche, naan.  

You have the option of adding on a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage tasting. The Piña Colada Lassi and Squeaky Clean Chai were two of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks. On the alcoholic side, the deconstructed Kala Khata French 75 and glass of Domaine Ansen stole the show!

(Image: Rasai / Suzi Pratt) Act 4 Gummy a break! Solkadhi sorbetto, coconut chia, mint and green chili gummies (V, GF).
Act 5 FINtastic Moilee. Halibut moilee, scallion congee, zucchini, crunchy garlic and pistachio crust, curry leaf, aero podi.  

Rasai is focused on sustainability and aims for little food waste. The rotating tasting menu features local ingredients and the restaurant is cashless.

Act 6 Berry Cute! Saffron and cardamom crème fraiche, raspberry pate de fruit, almond cake, olive oil powder, wild berry fluff (GF)  

The tasting menu is plated in unique ways and not surprisingly, exceedingly beautiful. Rasai takes care to visually entice you with their food, then deliver with ingredients, flavors, and textures!

(Image: Rasai / Suzi Pratt) Act 7 POPSTART MUKH-WAS! Popcorn truffle, popping candies, fennel, anise, mint, rock sugar (GF) 

I love Indian food and Rasai takes it to the next level. The tasting menu is available on Fridays and Saturdays, while a new ala carte menu is available during the week.

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