Pike Brewing Opens Taproom in Ballard

At the former location of Ethan Stowell’s Bramling Cross, you’ll find Pike Taproom. Last week, I was invited to Pike Brewing’s media party to experience the new addition. The space is a cozy, casual place to gather and the lighting is perfectly calming for a weeknight happy hour. The bench seats are a great addition, but you can still sit on barstools or chairs.

To celebrate the opening, Pike Brewing collaborated with Stoup Brewing to create New Kidz on THIS Block IPA, with citrus, berry and tropical aromas and flavors from Mosaic, Citra and a touch of Sabro. What a great way to welcome Pike Brewing to the neighborhood!

Pike Brewing has a beer for any taste. Since I was headed to have more drinks after the event, I decided to go light with Post Alley Pils. German pilsner is my favorite! This has a hoppy kick, yet it’s surprisingly smooth at the same time. I enjoy light beers in the colder months to remind me of brighter days.

The menu features burgers, sides, and shareables. In addition to items highlighted below, I also tried Chicken Wings, Smokin’ Da Gouda Bacon Burger, McPike, and The Pike Royale. The Chicken Wings are brined and breaded, then dusted with potato flour to make them crispy and gluten free. The Wings are served with pickled carrots, ranch or bleu cheese, and dipping sauces on the side.

Fried Fish Burger: panko breaded rockfish, lettuce, tomato, tartar
Ebi Burger: panko breaded shrimp patty, American cheese, lettuce, Mama Lil’s peppers, togarashi tartar
Seatown Hawaiian Burger: 1/4lb patty, Spam, Swiss cheese, lettuce, teriyaki, pineapple and red pepper relish
Loaded Tots: tater tots, cheddar cheese, chopped bacon, crispy onions
Pike Pretzel: served with Pike Stout mustard

I tried so much food, it’s difficult to choose just a few favorites. The Ebi Burger was tasty. I wasn’t sure how a shrimp patty would go with American cheese, but it works. It’s a unique bite, which I’m always looking for. Also, the Pike Pretzel is a must! Made fresh daily, it’s the perfect blend of salty, soft, dippable bites. Combined with the Pike Stout mustard, it’s a win every time. Overall, the prices are reasonable and they have a good variety to pair with whatever beer you choose.

Pike Taproom is a solid addition to Ballard’s bustling vibe. I’m looking forward to more visits in the future! Open seven days a week, and always family friendly and dog friendly.


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