Vietnamese Coffee Arrives in Greenwood with a New Coffeeholic Location

Coffeeholic House, Seattle’s first Vietnamese coffee shop is opening a second location in the Greenwood neighborhood. They’ve built a strong fan base with a love for authentic Vietnamese coffee.

Coffeeholic House uses organic robusta beans brewed with traditional phin filters. The beans come from Vietnam via New York’s Nguyen Coffee Supply. The roast is low-acidic, strong and smooth. It’s a perfect base for the innovative drink combinations.

Phin filters are typically for a single cup. They’re set on glasses of condensed milk at Vietnamese restaurants. The design of the filter allows a slow drip that results in a bold, thick coffee. Coffeeholic has something a bit larger for the volume of drinks they create.

Living in North Seattle, I rarely got to the Columbia City location. The Greenwood location is twice the size, has reserved parking and may have outdoor seating in the future. The larger space will allow for brunch and breakfast dishes and possibly expanded hours. Most importantly, it’s not that far from my house; I see tons of coffee in my future!

My Muse ~ Nàng Thơ
Silky Caramel

Coffeeholic has some new menu items for this location! I tried My Muse ~ Nàng Thơ, a lavender rose latte. Both lavender and rose are flavors that can be strong and overpowering. They’re well balanced in this drink with lovely petals floating on top. You can try a milk substitute with this drink. I also tried the Silky Caramel, a drink perfect for a bit of sweetness. Caramel, toffee, and strong coffee make for a great combo!

The new location of Coffeeholic House is at 8525 Greenwood Ave N and grand opening weekend is set for October 2nd and 3rd from 8am-6pm.


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