Parish NW Serves Creole and Cajun Dishes with Pacific NW Inspiration

Parish NW brings Southern favorites to the PNW, using local farm-to-table ingredients. The space (formerly The Sexton) offers two outdoor patios in addition to indoor dining. My friend Jasmin and I ate in the back patio with a low-key vibe perfect for the end of summer.

Cajun and creole food is the cuisine I didn’t know I needed when I was a child growing up in Hawaii. Southern flavors are my jam. Parish NW offers a dinner menu and a brunch menu on the weekends. My brunch loving self needs to go back on the weekend! For dinner, we ordered the house made sausage plate, charred corn chowder, gumbo, smokey mac and cheese, and something chocolate.

I can’t say no to sausage. The plate features two seasonal types: boudin noir and longanisa served with house pickles, blackened mustard and a baguette. The boudin noir had depth and a slight sweetness. The longanisa was also a bit sweet but it was very distinctive from the boudin noir. I’m always interested to taste variations of longanisa because I’m a HUGE fan. This did not disappoint and Jasmin kindly let me take it home.

Jasmin and I were excited to try the charred corn chowder because it’s a dish we both love. This was the star of the show! The sweet corn combined with sweet Dungeness crab, the spice of pickled serranos, and peppery flavor of the annatto oil made this dish a winner. Too often, chefs are afraid to spice food because of the mild Seattlelite palate. These peppers were bold without being overwhelming. I’d go back for this dish alone.

Gumbo is comfort food in a bowl. This was jam packed with ingredients to make it a hearty meal! It’s served with rice and you can add potato salad for a few dollars.

The smokey mac and cheese was a delight! Some purists believe that mac and cheese can only be made with macaroni. I am not one of those people. The campanelle pasta is a fun pasta that adds great texture and shape to the dish!

We didn’t finish our food and I got to take all the leftovers (which I greedily ate for lunch the next day). That doesn’t mean we couldn’t look at a dessert menu. Something chocolate is offered and the server will let you know what it is. They offered chocolate panna cotta with a chocolate shell, berries, and a bit of cream. Delish!

Before dinner was over, I made the commitment to return to try more of the menu. The food and ambience were lovely. The back patio had all the vibes. I see brunch in my future.


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