What To Eat At Andare Kitchen & Bar

Back in February, I had a chance to visit Andare Kitchen & Bar in the Hyatt Regency Seattle for the first time with my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and tons of foodie friends. Read more about that first visit and tasty food here. Recently, Nelson and I were asked to return for some new dishes we hadn’t tried before.

Pork Cheek Arancini

The pork cheek arancini was my favorite dish! I love the crunch of the exterior and the soft inside of the arancini. The pork was tender and provided a different texture and a bit of saltiness to the dish. It went perfectly dipped in the calabrian chili aioli.

Pizza Fritta and Limoncello

The pizza fritta was lovely pieces of dough with a side of pomodoro sauce for dipping. This is great as an appetizer or as a happy hour snack!

Beet Carpaccio

The beet carpaccio was refreshing in many ways. I’ve noticed people tend to love beets or hate them. I’m a beet lover! The beets were roasted and combined with citrus, watercress, then dressed with a fennel prosecco vinaigrette. Fennel is often a difficult ingredient to work with because it can be overpowering. This dish was well balanced and was interesting to eat because of how the beets were sliced. Yum!

Trolfie Pasta with Chicken Breast

I was getting a bit full but couldn’t stop eating the trolfie pasta which has sundried tomatoes, pistachio pesto, artichokes, and basil. You can add a protein and we had chicken breast. The al dente pasta was perfectly cooked and seasoned. This is a dish that would fill anyone up but thank goodness Nelson and I were sharing!

Carne Pizza

I’m a fan of meat pizza so the carne was perfect! It has salt blade pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, meatballs, peppers, caramelized onions, and mozzarella. Whew! I had the meat sweats but it’s everything I want in a pizza!

Tiramisu with Lemon Cookies

I’m always looking for dessert. We had tiramisu but asked for lemon cookies as well since we’re big fans of those. The lemon cookies have a fresh citrus bite and the cookies have the perfect texture – not too crunchy and not too soft. The tiramisu comes in a tart so it stays in place.

Andare Kitchen & Bar offers a great option for locals in the downtown area. The food is fast, the prices are reasonable, and there’s plenty of space for a variety of group sizes. Thanks to Andare and Hyatt Regency Seattle for hosting our meal and giving us a tour of the hotel!

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