Fresh Noodles from U:Don

U:Don is a fresh Japanese noodle station with locations in Seattle’s University District and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. It’s been a longtime favorite of college students and those looking for fresh udon noodles. Udon noodles are a traditional wheat-flour noodle eaten across Japan. There are many varieties of udon noodles but Sanuki-style with broad, thick noodles with a chewy texture is popular and my favorite! That’s the style they do at U:Don. They prepare noodles, soups, and sauces from scratch using traditional techniques.

Capitol Hill Storefront

Steven Ducky, also known as @seattlefoodieadventure on Instagram, set up a tasting at U:Don Capitol Hill. We got to chat with Chef/Owner Tak Kurachi about the food and the restaurants. Chef Tak trained in Japan with udon masters and has brought that experience to us! Customization makes U:Don a great option. We all have our favorite soups, add-ons, and spices. After you choose your base bowl, you can season it just the way you like it!


I ordered the Tan Tan Sauce Noodles. Sauce noodles have just a bit of sauce instead of a bowl full of broth. You can get it hot or cold but I prefer it hot. The noodles are topped with spicy tan tan pork and green onions.

Tan Tan Sauce Noodles

U:Don has an extensive selection of tempura, kaki-age, karaage, and onigiri. Believe me, you will be full after you eat here! The noodles are very filling and I always get more topping and sides than I should!

Fried Squid

Many thanks to Steven for organizing and U:Don for hosting a delicious meal! Check them out for delicious food and they even deliver on a few platforms!

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