Blank Space Cafe Has Eco-Friendly Jars!

Last week, Steven Ducky, known on Instagram as @seattlefoodieadventure, invited a group of us to Blank Space Café in Belltown for a tasting. It was a beautiful summer day, perfect for trying sweet treats and hanging out with friends!

Passion Fruit Peach Green Tea + Lychee Jelly

To get things started, I had some boba tea. I’m a fan of milk teas but wanted something lighter because of the warm weather. I chose passion fruit peach green tea and added lychee jelly. This was exactly what I needed to keep me refreshed for the afternoon!

NEW Eco-Friendly Jars

Blank Space is looking to reduce the use of plastic and has rolled out a new line of eco friendly reusable jars that are available now for just $2.50 through June 15th! After June 15th, they’re still a deal at $4.50. Each time you use your jar, you will get a free topping or 5% off your drink order. It’s a win-win situation!

Chocolate Bubble Waffle + Vanilla Ice Cream + Chocolate and Chips + Marshmallows

I love bubble waffles and Blank Space offers many options. With “I’m Fancy” you choose your bubble waffle flavor, ice cream, and up to three toppings. I got a chocolate waffle with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. I like being able to choose different flavors of waffle. It adds another layer of flavor to the dessert.

A waffle taco is a fun, shareable take on a bubble waffle. You choose a waffle, they fold it in half, fill it with ice cream, and add toppings. It’s fun and a great conversation starter!

Toast Box

A toast box is another shareable dessert. It’s a piece of toast that’s hollowed out in the middle. Ice cream and other toppings are added, making for a cute presentation!

Foodie Friends

Thank you Steven for inviting me to a fun tasting! Many thanks to Blank Space Café for the hospitality. Blank Space has two more locations in Green Lake and Bellevue.


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