Brunching at Rock Creek

I’ve lived in North Seattle for many years but had never been to Rock Creek. Adria Sarcino from The Emerald Palate recently invited a group of us to brunch to celebrate the launch of her latest self-guided food tour (this time in Fremont) and to try the food at Rock Creek. They focus on seafood and have many Pacific Northwest items in addition to seafood from across the country. Rock Creek is featured in Adria’s Fremont Self-Guided Food Tour.

In addition to catching up with Adria and learning about the food tour, I got to spend time with some friends from Seattle’s food community. Food is so much better when you share it with others.

The space at Rock Creek is beautiful. The ceilings are expansive and woodwork gives you a Pacific Northwest vibe. The natural light coming in from windows and skylights give a warm feel. We ventured upstairs in a cute room that offered a bit of privacy.

Wild Carolina Prawns ‘St. Helena’

I had the Wild Carolina Prawns ‘St. Helena,’ brown butter, serrano, rosemary, and McEwen & Sons grits. Grits are comforting to me and it’s hard to beat prawns that are prepared well. Overall, the seasoning was flavorful, grits cooked well (not too sticky, not too wet), and the rosemary added a bit of fresh flavor to keep the dish lighter. I could have used more serrano but it was an appropriate level for a broad audience.

Other dishes include: beignets, cinnamon roll, citrus and ricotta, bacon and oyster benedict, breakfast sandwich, and crispy fried oyster po’ boy. All the food was good but I’ll give just a few highlights.

The citrus and ricotta blew my mind! It was such a light, fresh dish to have for brunch. It had crunchy marcona almonds, powdered sugar, mint, and lemon olive oil. This is the perfect dish for any meal or snack. I should really learn how to make it because it was tasty!

The oyster benedict was divine! The oysters were seasoned and fried perfectly! Having them in a benedict was dreamy. I wished I could have eaten more but a bunch of us were sharing it. It’s definitely on my list to order next time!

Carmelized apple and ricotta beignets, vanilla bean caramel anglaise
Cinnamon roll, orange cream cheese anglaise, toasted pecans, cocoa nib
Breakfast sandwich, house made croissant, medium eggs, bacon, cheddar, sweet pepper relish, fingerling potatoes
Crispy fried oyster po’ boy, bacon, red onion, cabbage slaw, red rooster aioli

Now that I know about this gem, I’ll be back! It’s shocking that I haven’t been here before and I’m excited to share it with my friends and family. Who knows what else I’ll find in the Fremont Self-Guided Food Tour! Thanks to Adria and Rock Creek for hosting! It was the perfect brunch!

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