Snowy Village Brings Cool Dessert to the U-District

Snowy Village is one of the businesses that catches my eye on my Instagram feed. I had never been to one but the desserts looked right up my alley. Luckily, they just opened a location in Seattle’s University District. Tiffany Zhang invited a group of us to taste some of the sweet treats they have to offer! My Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I attended this sweet Saturday tasting!

Before the tasting, we got to watch bingsoo being prepared. They have a machine that shaves the ice into a snowy pile that is the base for their bingsoo. From there, it’s layered and flavored with different ingredients.

Mango Bingsoo

The mango bingsoo was my favorite. Fresh, ripe mango is hard to beat! Together with whipped cream, condensed milk, and shaved ice it makes the perfect iced dessert! The texture of the ice is light and creamy. It melts in your mouth and makes you want more.

Nelson Lau enjoys the Strawberry Bingsoo

The strawberry bingsoo had lovely, fresh strawberries as the topping. Washington has such great berries, this is sure to be a hit!

Oreo Bingsoo

I’m a lover of Oreos so this was made for me! The cookie crumbs with the milky ice and condensed milk is a winner! Just like cookies and cream!


Taiyaki (fish shaped waffles) are served here as well. The nutella taiyaki had a crisp exterior and the gooey nutella is warm when you bite into it. The cheese taiyaki offered a welcome savory counter so the sweets I had been eating all afternoon.

Annie stages the shot for Ken and Tiffany

Snowy Village is a solid dessert option and a welcome new business in the U-District. Up until this point, there were only a few other places in the area that served bingsoo. As always, I had fun with foodie friends and appreciate Snowy Village taking the time to host us.


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