Raising a Glass at The Gerald

I hadn’t been to The Gerald in a long time. I used to live in Ballard when it was a very different place. Owner Wes Yoo took over in June 2018, and honestly, things have changed…for the better. The space is familiar but updated. The back room provides some privacy and a lighter feel than the classic bar area. It’s available for private rentals and all-ages brunch. Recently, my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I had a chance to preview the spring menu and taste some delicious bites.

Cocktails & Mocktails

The cocktail game here is strong. Thoughtful and creative, each one tells a story. Mocktails are just as innovative, and much needed in the Seattle area. With over 500 spirits, it’s hard to imagine a drink they couldn’t make. An all day happy hour on Mondays is a big win!

Banished Sun (far right)

Banished Sun – suze pere magloire, pineapple, lemon, ginger, lemongrass, seltzer

Ceremonies Out of Thin Air

Ceremonies Out of Thin Air – Chapter One Co-Authored gin, umeshu, shiso, fennel, coriander bitters

Strange Affinities

Strange Affinities – Montenegro, Rittenhouse rye, honey, black pepper and lavender bitters, absinthe rinse

Palo Verde

Palo Verde – El Dorado 3 yr, Avua cachaca, key lime cordial, condensed milk, macadamia nuts

Double Bred for Death by Fire

Double Bred for Death by Fire – por siempre sotol, uruapan rum, cocchi americano, bruto americano, lemon, lime, grapefruit oil, salted rosemary

Sometimes the Wolf

Sometimes The Wolf – dickle rye, macino rosso, dry curacao, besk, cedar, rose water

Play is Nobler Than Work

Play is Nobler Than Work – Cachaca, pisco, gin, kiwi, lime, hibiscus, bubbles, passion fruit foam

Maps and Mazes

Maps and Mazes – toki, carpano dry, banana, ancho reyes verde, prairie bitters, snap pea

Life is a Memory

Life is a Memory – strawberry, lemon, condensed milk, balsamic vinegar, black pepper.

I didn’t capture two of the mocktails because I inadvertently drank them quickly. One was Evening in Laredito composed of matcha, lime, coconut milk, orgeat, mint, and seltzer water. The other was Saved by Bad Luck made of blackberries, lemon, lime, hibiscus, cinnamon, rosemary, and seltzer water. All of the mocktails were good but my favorite is Life is a Memory. It was creamy, fruity, and spicy. I could easily see myself sitting on a patio enjoying this for a very long time.


Wes chatted with Nelson and I. He explained how he wanted the food to compliment the cocktails, not become the focus. I’m used to eating bar food but this was a bit different. The dishes were very familiar to me but had interesting twists. You’ll see what I mean by reading the descriptions.

Crispy Cheese Curds

Crispy cheese curds – beer battered cheese curds, crispy bacon bits, honey sriracha, almond cilantro, gremolata, charred lemon

Curly Kale Caesar Salad

Curly kale caesar salad – dried cranberry, baguette croutons, charred lemon, crispy parmesan

Pork Belly Banh Mi Sliders

Pork belly banh mi sliders – open faced baguette, lemongrass pork belly, honey pickled vegetables, sweet thai chili soy sauce, cliantro cream, cucumber, caramelized onion

Duck Confit Tacos

Duck confit tacos – orange infused duck confit, mango, pickled cabbage, jicama slaw, jalapeno jam, housemade salsa, served with spicy chipotle black beans

I’m grateful for the chance to visit The Gerald to see the changes. They offer a rotating seasonal menu of cocktails and mocktails so drop by to see what’s new. Thanks to The Gerald for hosting us and for the wonderful conversation!


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