Pike Brewing Offers a Tour and Tasting

When I heard Pike Brewing Company was offering a tour and tasting, I was immediately interested. I’ve said before that Pike Brewing has been instrumental to my learning about craft beer. I’m early in my journey but started out knowing absolutely nothing. This was a great chance to learn more! My Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I had a chance to check it out.

Before the tour, I got to check out Pike Brewing’s microbrewery museum. Although I’ve been here many times, I always find something new to look at. It’s jam packed with one of the world’s most extensive collections of beer art and memorabilia! Admission to the museum is free and it’s curated by Charles Finkel, Founder and Owner of Pike Brewing.

Our tour guide was Abil, who is extremely fun and knowledgeable. Abil has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Research and was so informative that I was typing away furiously on my phone to take notes. We learned tons about beer ingredients and the science of it. We also learned about different regions of the world and how things like weather impact ingredients and ultimately, the beer. Pike Brewing carefully chooses their ingredients, down to the water to bring us their delicious craft brews.

An exciting highlight was getting up close to see how Pike Brewing’s gravity flow, steam powered process works. From top all the way down to the bottom, we had a chance to follow the path of the beer we would be drinking later.

Bitter Lake IPA cans

When we got to the bottom of the brewery, we got to see cold tanks holding all the beer! We also got to see where the packaging was done and explore the facility a bit. We also got to see a newer brew, Bitter Lake IPA (6.5% ABV).

Nelson and Monica – Photo Credit: Abil

As you know, Nelson and I love behind the scenes action to see how all our favorite products are made. This tour was fun and definitely worth the low cost! At the end, we got to try 4 different beers and took home a Pike Brewing pint glass! Check the tour site for the most recent info! Many thanks to Pike Brewing for hosting us! I’m a fan of the company and the beer and love hanging out with them!


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