Heritage Distilling and SeaBear Launch BSB Smoked Salmon

Recently, my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I were invited to a launch event for Heritage Distilling Co. and SeaBear Smokehouse’s new partnership. We tasted the new BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon Smoked Salmon along with spirits pairings before the formal Grand Opening to the public.

Launch Event Flyer – Courtesy of KAPR + Social Media + Storytelling

The event was held at HDC Capitol Hill. I’d walked by but never visited and I love this space! The ceilings are high with skylights and natural lighting coming in from the front. The bar area is organized well and full of bright colors where you can get growler spirits. Spirits in a growler? I didn’t know that was a thing! Also, they’re going to be opening a private event space in the future. The selection of merchandise is cheeky and undeniably PNW-inspired down to the flannel bottle cozy!

Branded Merchandise
Cute barrel to go along with your bottles
What are those? Who knew this was a thing?

My favorite pairing of the day was the HDC Mango Flavored Vodka with the SeaBear traditional smoked salmon. I began dreaming of cocktails using the vodka. Yum! It’s hard to beat the traditional salmon smoked simply to highlight the flavor of the fish. A close runner up was the BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon and SeaBear BSB Smoked Salmon. The bourbon was surprisingly sweet and provided a different experience than I’m used to. I can see why SeaBear was interested in having BSB as a component to their salmon. The result was a moist piece of fish with a bit of sweetness.

Other pairings that day included the Elk Rider Rye Whiskey + SeaBear Garlic Lover’s Smoked Salmon and HDC Sweet Ghost Pepper Flavored Vodka + SeaBear Beergarden Smoked Salmon.

HDC CEO Justin Stiefel + SeaBear CEO Mike Mondello
Nelson and I enjoy a unique seating area

Special thanks to HDC and SeaBear for the invitation and fun swag bag!!! You can find BSB Brown Sugar Bourbon anywhere HDC is sold and the BSB Smoked Salmon online or at Made in Washington Stores.

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