Milkie Milkie Brings Bingsoo to Edmonds

Bingsoo is not something that’s easily found in the Seattle area. Bingsoo (also bingsu) is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings like cut fruit, condensed milk, syrups, and red beans. Milkie Milkie Korean Desserts has a great menu of drinks and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth! Recently, my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I had a chance to stop by at the invitation of @theotter_eats. I’ve been back twice as of the writing of this blog post and I won’t stop until I’ve tried everything on the menu!!!

Strawberry Bingsoo with Yogurt Sauce (additional $1)

I’m a fan of all kinds of icy treats! The first one I tried was the strawberry with yogurt sauce. The strawberries were very large and sweet. The rice cake is made in-house daily. I’m used to eating bingsoo with condensed milk and was asked to try the yogurt sauce. That was a fantastic pairing! It was a bit lighter and slightly tart to offset the sweetness of the other ingredients. The ice was soft and fluffy. I loved this and although I want to eat it again, there’s many other menu items I want to try! Pro Tip: Each bingsoo feeds between 2-4 people, depending on appetites. Don’t be a hero!

Green Tea Toast

Milkie Milkie has a selection of toasts. Each toast has housemade soft rice cake in the middle. This one is sprinkled with green tea powder and topped with a scoop of red bean paste and sliced almonds. It was a unique treat that isn’t overly sweet.

Marshmallow Waffle

The waffles have a crispy exterior. While this looks like a normal waffle, it’s actually a mochi waffle. It has a chewier texture in the middle which goes well with the marshmallows and chocolate syrup.

As I mentioned, I’ve been back to Milkie Milkie a few more times since my first visit. I’ve tried the oreo and green tea bingsoo. I’ve also tried the taro latte which is less sweet than others I’ve had in the area and that’s a good thing. Often, taro lattes are overly sweet to overcompensate for the earthy taste of the taro. The taro is a bit more pronounced here.

Thank you Milkie Milkie for a great tasting and sharing some of your dessert menu!


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