Sugar Plum Vegan Sweets

Delicious vegan gluten full and gluten free treats

On a very warm summer night in July, I was invited to Sugar Plum for their Flavor of the Month Preview Party. Instagram foodie Nelson L. joined me for a fun-filled evening of “sweets for dinner!” I’m not vegan but I eat whatever tastes good and I’ve been a fan of Plum Restaurants for years! The August flavors we previewed are meant to inspire nostalgia with relatable flavors people crave.

Chef Makini Howell

We were lucky enough to have some time with lifelong vegan, Chef Makini Howell. Chef Makini uses her background in fashion design to frame her approach to food, focusing on primary, secondary, and “pop” flavors as layers to inspire delicious creations.


Grab a pint or two to go!

Sugar Plum has soft serve, scoops, baked sweet treats and espresso. Scroll down to see some of the goodies!

Kiwi spinach cashew date bar

The kiwi spinach cashew date raw bar was my favorite non-frozen treat. It was beautiful, delicate, and delicious. The edible flowers took this dessert over the top!

Other baked goods were plentiful and I was stuffed! There were brownies, cookies, carrot cake, berry pies, and more!

The triple chocolate blizzard was delicious! The brownie had a deep, rich flavor and the texture balanced well with the soft serve. The layers of chocolate kept cascading. It was my first frozen treat of the night and it was filling! But, as I always say, I’m in it, to win it! I pressed on and tried vanilla sprinkle, salted caramel summer berry pie, avocado berry cheesecake, and chocolate almond raspberry. My dream as a kid was to have dessert for dinner and it totally happened! My life is hard people!!!


Just when I thought I couldn’t eat more, the soft serve flavor of the month came out. Pineapple ginger, which you can get swirled with chocolate. Why the heck not??? I’m not a fan of pineapple but somehow, soft serve transforms it into something I want to eat all the time. I love ginger in many different ways and that sassy punch keeps me up at night. Combine that with chocolate and I have to say, it’s a winner!


Can anyone have too many cones? I think not! We left that night full of decadent plant-based treats and were lucky enough to score adorable tote bags filled with goodies. Thank you Sugar Plum for a night to remember! Love these flavors? You have another week to enjoy them!


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