Bao House

DSC08780 (1)-1024x683
Roasted Duck Bao

A few weeks ago, I was invited to visit Bao House located in Chinatown where A Piece of Cake used to be. WHAT? A Piece of Cake is closed! Yes. Sadly, it is.

I love the color of these walls with the dark wood!

Bao House is a family business that serves Taiwanese buns, drinks, and snacks. During my visit, I sampled a portion of the menu and had a lovely conversation with Kent, the owner.

DSC08761 (1)-1024x682
Fried Chicken Bao

I’m always interested in business origin stories. The love of Taiwanese food is what led the family down this path. The buns are made fresh daily and if you’ve had an old bun, you know what a huge difference it makes. Kent walked me through the thought process behind the ingredients and why it was important to have the best quality possible from the imported tea to the organic lettuce to the freshly fried cuts of chicken.

Signature Milk Tea with Boba

You know I love to eat! I got to try two different buns, popcorn chicken, fish balls, and the signature milk tea – way too much food for one person! My favorite was the fried chicken bao. First, it was larger than I expected! I’m not a bao noob and I’m used to getting smaller buns around town. Second, it reminded me of a large piece of popcorn chicken and I’m not complaining! The cut of chicken was juicy, succulent, and topped off with a crunch. The savory flavors of the batter made everything right with the world! I have to tell you that the roasted duck bao was a close second. The skin was crisp and the duck was decadent. Yum! If you have $10 burning a hole in your pocket, you can definitely get full at Bao House! Many thanks to Bao House for hosting me and chatting!

DSC08769 (1)-1024x683
Popcorn Chicken

Join Bao House for their grand opening on August 12th from 11am-4pm where you can get a bao and drink combo for $7.99 AND another bao and drink combo for free! #bogo

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