4 Things You Must Eat at Shoreline Farmers Market

Shoreline Farmers Market opened their season last weekend with some returning favorites and new vendors. The Market has been growing over the years and seems to be comfortable in the newer location at Aurora Square, in the Sears upper parking lot near Central Market. I tend to visit since it’s near my home and easy to run in and out to grab a few things. Here are four things you have to try!

DSC09241_1 copy-1024x695
Opening Day – 2017

1. Gruyère cheese bread

Snohomish Bakery always draws a crowd as a well-known vendor at the Market. My favorite item is the gruyère cheese bread ($8).  The hefty, cheesy, flaky roll is something that I love to take home for dinner.  The sweet, salty flavor of the melted gruyère is pretty much the stuff dreams are made of!

Cheese of my dreams

2. Chocolate s’mores slab pie

Pie Love is a new vendor at the Market.  For $6, you get a slab of handmade, butter crust slab pie.  I tried a slab of chocolate s’mores with a graham flour crust, bittersweet chocolate ganache and marshmallow fluff.  The flavors worked well together but the fluff is a bit soft for the hearty, flaky crust, which is the star of the show.  I’m looking forward to trying more flavors this season.

Slab of pie

3. Hainanese chicken rice

Han’s Chicken Rice is back for a second season at the Market!  A fan favorite last year, Han’s is back serving Hainanese chicken rice, popcorn chicken, and fried tofu.  For $8, Market goers enjoy a plate of fragrant rice and choice of protein.  Tasty pickled veggies and sauces complete the experience.  Han’s often has a signature drink on tap.  On opening day, he was serving up a brisk and herbaceous lemongrass iced tea.

Tofu, popcorn chicken, and rice

4. Sugar snap peas

I can’t believe I didn’t get the name of this vendor!  I’m told they will have sugar snap peas again this week (June 17th) but you might miss it because they sell flowers.  Near the flowers, there was a table stacked with sugar snap pea.  I went back for more later and they were sold out.  Why?  Because they were fresh, rather large, and sweet!  If you want a taste of summer, grab these quickly (I know I will).

The best sugar snap peas I’ve ever had!

I’m looking forward to visiting the Market a bit more over the summer.  It’s definitely growing more and that’s exciting to see!



  1. We love a farmers market. We have one in our town, but it is super tiny and not filled with food to purchase precooked, only plants and crafts and veggies, sometimes a hot dog stand. So always on the search. There is one in Detroit we sometimes go too – love that one.


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