Han’s Chicken Rice



Shoreline Farmers Market recently kicked off a new season.  One of the many gems at the Market is Han’s Chicken Rice.  Almost a month ago, I tried them for the first time.  If you know me, then you understand that I’m rarely “all in” for a business new to the scene.  I’m a fan of Han’s and love to visit as often as I can.


The fact that I can get a combo here helps my decision making process.  Sometimes I want poached chicken.  Other times, I want popcorn chicken or fried tofu.  I’m fussy that way.  Han’s offers either a single protein or you can mix it up for a combo.  Each plate comes with a beautiful bed of chicken rice, cucumbers, and cilantro.  They also include three different sauces for your tasting pleasure: ginger scallion, sweet soy, or chili.  Choose your favorite or combine them all.


Many businesses like Han’s get their start in farmers markets.  If you like their products, support them.  Starting and sustaining a small business is no easy task.  Currently, you can find Han’s at Shoreline Farmers Market on Saturdays (seasonal) from 10am to 3pm.


  1. […] Han’s Chicken Rice is back for a second season at the Market!  A fan favorite last year, Han’s is back serving Hainanese chicken rice, popcorn chicken, and fried tofu.  For $8, Market goers enjoy a plate of fragrant rice and choice of protein.  Tasty pickled veggies and sauces complete the experience.  Han’s often has a signature drink on tap.  On opening day, he was serving up a brisk and herbaceous lemongrass iced tea. […]


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