Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

DSC07829-1024x682Although I live in North Seattle, Richmond Beach Saltwater Park has always been one of my favorite getaways. Just a short drive away, it’s a great place to view the sunset, watch passing trains, or pick up driftwood on the beach.


Driving down the hill at the park entrance, there are multiple levels with parking lots. Sometimes I like to park at the top to take pictures; other times I like to head to the beach. To get to the beach, you park and take a short walk over a bridge that overlooks the railroad tracks. During this visit, I spotted a heron on the tracks.


Near the beach, there are a few shelters for rent but during the off-season, they’re pretty much open. The beach holds treasures for all ages. You can often find folks walking dogs, kids playing in the water, and couples cuddled on a log. There’s tons of driftwood that some use to build structures. The mountains are beautiful, especially when they’re capped with snow!

On my last visit, it was clear but frigid due to the wind chill. As always, I was glad to spend time taking in the sights but look forward to a bit warmer weather.



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