Green Lake is Frozen


Yesterday, on my way back from the Central District, I stopped by Green Lake to take a few pictures. I was surprised to find that the lake was frozen. I don’t remember it being entirely frozen in all the years I’ve live here. I was also surprised to find a good number of people walking out on the ice. I wondered what they were thinking since the chunks that had been dug off the surface appeared to be less than 3-inches thick.


I ran a search on how often the lake freezes. KIRO 7 News reported that “Seattle historians can cite only four times in the last 101 years that Green Lake has iced over from end to end.” Reading that article and a number of others, I noticed a spirited debate on walking on the ice.


No, I didn’t walk on the ice, nor do I advocate for doing so. However, it seems like a lot of people are totally fine with it. I have to say that I didn’t expect such passionate arguments on either side but hey, I learn something new every day.

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