SÜSU Rolled Ice Cream


My love-hate relationship with all that is dairy can be a real buzzkill.  Lactose intolerance is truly a curse.  But…rolled ice cream?  Well, I have to try that!  SÜSU Rolled Ice Cream has been posted up at a number of locations over the summer.  I recently caught up with them at South Lake Union Saturday Market and Fremont Sunday Market.

How does rolled ice cream get “rolled?”  SÜSU has a mobile cart that it fitted with two ice cold metal plates.  They pour their French custard ice cream base, add toppings, and get to work.  By “work” I mean quickly moving their tools to mix ingredients until they are transformed into ice cream.  After everything is mixed, it is flattened, then scraped into “rolls.”  The rolls are then placed into a bowl.  That sounds really plain but to see the precise way they garnish the frozen treat is fun to watch.  Kirkland Wednesday Market posted a video of the entire process here.

I’ve tried two different combinations so far – pumpkin patch (pumpkin purée, nutmeg, and spice cookie) and s’mores fun (graham cracker, chocolate syrup, marshmallow, and shaved chocolate).

I’m not a pumpkin fan and I loved this!  The pumpkin was flavorful but not overwhelming.  The combination of spices was complimentary of the individual flavors.  The texture of the ice cream was different than anything I’ve had before.  I wasn’t sure about the pumpkin seeds on top but it added a salty, nutty crunch that was unexpected but welcome.

Pumpkin Patch

I’m a HUGE chocolate fan and the s’mores fun did not disappoint.  Multiple layers of chocolate (ice cream base, syrup, and shaved) combine for a sweet treat sure to make anyone smile.  The marshmallows and graham cracker added different textures and completed the experience of a campfire s’more.  Yum!

S’mores Fun

I’m not sure where I’ll find SÜSU this winter but I’ll be on the lookout.  I eat ice cream all year round and look forward to trying their entire menu!

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