Dragon Fest

Chinese Community Girls Drill Team

Dragon Fest is a yearly event hosted by the Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area (CIDBIA).  It’s typically held in mid-July and runs for two days.

A highlight of Dragon Fest is definitely the cultural performances. For two days, the stage is filled with many different forms of entertainment. Some of my favorites include lion dances, taiko drumming, and the Chinese Community Girls Drill Team.


The $3 Food Walk is also a fan favorite! You are provided with a map with participating businesses. Each business gives you a stamp after purchasing an item and you have a chance to win prizes and eat yummy food! I like that the portions are smaller for tasting so I can hit up a number of places before I get full. This year, I had custard flan crème brûlée from Fuji Bakery. It was smooth and the fresh fruit added a bit of life to the heaviness of the cream. I also snagged the most perfectly prepared iced matcha latte for $2 while I was there!


For lunch, I bought a plate of lovely chicken and pork skewers from Lemongrass. They always soak their meat in marinade and the smell of their food cooking will make your stomach growl.

Each festival has unique character. People will stand in a line two blocks line for a chance at a prize for McDonald’s. There’s always a community resource table giving away rice spoons which is brilliant! You can grab a freshly cut coconut, shave ice, bubble tea and more!  If you don’t spend much time in the ID, I recommend stopping by for Dragon Fest.



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