Chowbus Delivery App Review

Before the pandemic, I was always on the move so I didn’t use delivery platforms often. Now, delivery is more practical since my office and home are the same place. I save time on my commute but work twelve-hour days instead of nine. Decompressing my day while cooking dinner isn’t always effective so I welcome the chance to order food at least a few times a week.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored and all opinions are my own.

Chowbus offered something different than platforms I had been using. When I opened the app, I noticed there were small mom and pop restaurants I hadn’t seen on other platforms. The highlighted dishes helped me see things I wouldn’t typically order. I was excited to order from places in Seattle’s International District and U-District that I couldn’t get to on a busy weeknight!

The most mind-blowing feature was restaurant bundling. When I go on a food crawl, I hit up 3-5 businesses in the area to make the most out of my trip. Chowbus allows bundling of some restaurants and I immediately took advantage of that feature!

663 Bistro / Ho Ho Seafood Restaurant

I used to dine in at both these restaurants and grab takeout but I stopped going out as much when the Omicron variant hit Seattle. The Chinese BBQ at 663 Bistro is very good – one of the best in the area! I got the 3-BBQ combo with roast pork, BBQ pork and roast duck. It was excellent! I had been craving beef brisket noodle soup so I got that as well. It was so comforting. I bundled that order with some food from Ho Ho Seafood Restaurant. Beef chow fun and Chinese broccoli were two other cravings so it was just what I needed!

Six Pack Foods Company / Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

I can’t stay away from braised beef brisket so I ordered that and mapo tofu from Six Pack Foods Company in U-District. I bundled that with drinks and dessert from Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea. Two of my favorite drinks are the mango pomelo sago and the fruit tea. The mango pomelo sago is so filling, it’s almost a meal! The fruit tea is packed with refreshing sliced fruit. It was my first time trying the boba egg pancake. They were the perfect snacking size!

When I order from Chowbus, I know I can support, small, local businesses. The app helps me get what I’m craving from quality Asian restaurants. Also, Chowbus had same day delivery of Asian groceries! I live a few minutes from an Asian market but if I didn’t, I know where I’d be getting my groceries from!

The Chowbus Plus membership provides free delivery over $15 and exclusive discounts. Try it now for 1-month free! You can get $10 off your first order with code “R-MONYB10” to grab a meal.

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