Agua Verde Café Unveils New Fall Menu Items

Although I’ve lived in Seattle for many years, Agua Verde Café was under my radar until 2019. I didn’t go to UW, so I was missing fond memories of eating there during my undergrad years. I was recently invited to try some of their new fall menu items and all I can say is that they did it again!

I’m such a big meat eater, I can often be found with some sort of meat stick in my hand and occasionally, bacon in my purse. No lies here. I can always find a great meatless dish at Agua Verde Café and the latest menu is no exception!

Costra Tacos

Costra Tacos: Carmelized quesillo, roasted poblano, salsa molcajete. If you like spice, this trio of tacos are for you!!! I’m not spice averse but it’s not often that I have to flag down Sergio (a beloved staff member) for a glass of horchata. Flavorful, spicy, and a great combination!


Tlacoyo: Corn masa boat filled with kabocha squash and goat cheese, black bean puree, pomegranate butternut salsa. The textures in this dish are on point! The soft corn masa is filled with crunchy kabocha squash and goat cheese. The black bean puree adds another soft element while the pomegranate butternut salsa adds a bit of fun to the dish.


Enmoladas: Chicken, mole negro, sour cream, shaved onion, nuts. The deep flavor of the mole negro sticks to the shredded chicken. The sour cream adds a creamy element while the thinly shaved onion adds something fresh. I’m a huge fan of topping just about anything with nuts!

Empanada De Res

Empanada De Res: Corn masa turnover with braised beef cheeks, manzanilla olives, with pickled veggie escabeche. The outside of the empanada was crispy and crunchy. When I read this menu description, I thought the braised beef cheeks would steal the show (fun fact: if cheeks are being served, I’m all in). The sleeper in this dish was the pickled veggie escabeche. The textures and flavors of the veggies were transformed. I was blown away!

Pozole Rojo

This was a completely filling meal for two! But….if you know me, then you know I love the pozole here. I’m way too lazy to make it myself and rarely have the time required for the operation. That’s okay because Agua Verde Café has me covered and made sure I had some to take home on a chilly day.

If you can’t make it in for the fall menu, don’t worry. I’ve eaten many seasonal dishes here over the years and I’m always completely satisfied! Thank you Agua Verde Café for making squash so I don’t have to!


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