First Time Facial at Trieva’s Spa & Boutique

I’ve been seeing a dermatologist for years for a variety of skin issues. Before COVID-19 hit, I had unrelated health issues that needed to be resolved so I stopped my dermatology treatment and visits. When I was invited to visit Trieva’s Spa & Boutique, it seemed like the perfect time to go. I’d never had a facial so this was a brand new experience. Unfortunately, because I was enjoying the service, I didn’t get as many photos as I’d like.

Stairway leading to upper level

One of Trieva’s locations is located in Northgate, a short distance from my house. Before my appointment, I received a phone call and email reminders. The emails were helpful because they described their new procedures for visiting which includes reminders for self-screening before your appointment. They also double checked that I knew the procedures verbally when they called.

I arrived early at Trieva’s and stayed in my car. About five minutes before my service was scheduled to begin, I masked up and went to stand outside the entrance. A staff member greeted me and asked me to fill out paperwork while she took my temperature. When I entered, I was asked to sanitize my hands and distance myself properly from another guest that was in the lobby area. My provider for the day was Carli and she came out to get me and led me to my room.

My room for the day

The room was dimly lit, full of warm colors, and gave me a cozy feel. I got ready for the facial by undressing and getting situated on the table. Carli arrived and she was wearing a face shield, mask, and gloves. She asked me questions about my skin (in addition to the worksheet I filled out when I arrived) and began the service.

List of add on options

I had the Skin Repair Facial ($77 and up). It’s 60 minutes of pure bliss! You can add on many different options. Honestly, my eyes were closed so I relied on Carli to tell me what was going on. First, my skin was cleansed. Of course, I wash my face twice daily but there’s nothing like a deep clean and exfoliation! I was also treated to multiple serums and masks. It was glorious and I highly recommend it! The most memorable mask was a cooling mask that left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day. Carli did a great job with my face, neck, and shoulder massage. She checked about the pressure she was using and I felt myself melting into relaxation.

I loved this experience! Although it was my first time getting a facial, I know it won’t be my last. I’m currently running a giveaway on Instagram that ends tonight. I’m including this information because Trieva’s has graciously offered my followers 50% off their facial service with Carli or Bessy at the Northgate location for the entire month of August! All you have to do is mention my name to get the discount. Hope you get to visit soon! For highlights of my visit, click here.


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