2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to my 2019 holiday gift guide! The guide is made of my favorite things that I’ve purchased, were sent to me, or I’d like to receive as a gift. I curate gifts all year round but somehow, when November rolls around, I begin to get stressed out. I hope this guide is helpful to some of you in the same situation.

Enchant Seattle

Life is about experiences and a great gift is a trip to Enchant Seattle. I went last year and it was fantastic! When I had the chance to be an Enchant Ambassador, it was an easy “yes” for me! In addition to a fantastic light maze, there’s tons of fun including Santa visits, kid’s play area, holiday market for shopping, food, beverage, ice skating, and entertainers. People tell me everyday that they want to go – this would make a great gift for anyone that loves holiday lights!

Ice skating at Enchant Seattle

Nice Rice

Nice Rice is a local company I’ve been supporting for years since I saw them at a street market and fell in love. They sell adorable felt plushies and I can’t get enough. They’re done selling on the street for the rest of the year but you can find their products on their Etsy shop and sometimes stocked at The Wing Luke Museum.

Dumpling and bao

Made in Washington

Made in Washington is a place I love to shop! The Post Alley location at Pike Place Market is convenient for me and it’s a beautifully remodeled store. If you’re struggling for ideas, Made in Washington offers many themed gift boxes and baskets. I love to send friends and family my favorite local products so Design Your Own Custom Gift Box is perfect! It only costs $4.99 for them to build and $4.99 to ship. I wish all my holiday shopping was that easy! See how easy it is on my Instagram story!

Design Your Own Box from Made in Washington

Swanson’s Nursery

I’ve lived in North Seattle for years and Swanson’s is one of my favorite places to buy plants. I’ll admit that I am a novice grower and the staff here is always very helpful. I went in to find a succulent and pot for a friend and they helped me pick it out, planted it, and sent me on my way. Also, during the holidays, they have reindeer onsite!

Succulent and pot from Swanson’s


As a home cook, I’m always tearing up pots and pans. Recently, Abbio provided me with cookware to try. I welcomed the opportunity since my non-stick pans were worn out and I love that Abbio is a local company. The cookware is sturdy and the non-stick material is rougher than others I’ve tried. After using them for about three months, I’m a believer! Not only can I cook sticky, messy food but clean up is a breeze! I’ll be buying Abbio from now on! The large nonstick skillet is my weapon of choice to cook for my family. It’s $77 and comes with a high-temp silicon hot pad. Did I mention this cookware can go into an oven up to 450 degrees? Check out some of my story highlights on Instagram!

Abbio Cookware

Raft Syrups

I’m a huge fan of Raft! Discovering this syrup was life changing! I love it in cocktails and just with sparkling water. The lemon ginger is my favorite!

Raft syrups

Malicious Women Candle Co.

I’m a huge fan of this company! I originally learned about Malicious Women Candle Co. while visiting Lady Yum, where you can get some of their products like their 100% soy candles with labels that will give you a chuckle that’s well worth the $20 price tag. Visit their website to explore their growing inventory of gifts!

My favorite candle from Malicious Women Candle Co.

Eighth Generation

I remember the first time I saw one of Louie Gong’s custom shoes and couldn’t stop staring at them because I’d never seen anything like it. Today, Eighth Generation has a storefront at Pike Place Market and is the first Native-owned company to produce wool blankets. The products you buy at the store are made by “Inspired Natives, not Native-inspired.” Cultural appropriation is real and I’d encourage you to buy Native art from Native artists. My favorite shopping bag is Our Home in green but it’s currently sold out. They also have a version in black that you can buy here for $24.

Salish Pattern Wool Blanket – Photo Courtesy of Eighth Generation

Sudio Earbuds

Sudio is a Swedish company that reached out to me to try their product. I love them! They’re wireless, fit well, and meet all my needs whether I’m listening to music or a podcast. It has beautiful design and comes in a cute case. Check out my IG stories for more info! For 15% off, use my discount code: monybseattle.

Tolv earbuds


My friends say my eyes glaze over a bit when I talk about glassybaby and fall in love instantaneously. They say there’s a glassybaby for every occasion with names like “hyacinth,” “snuggle,” and “lollypop.” Each hand-blown piece is unique and $3 from every one sold is donated to the glassybaby white light fund. My favorite part of shopping for these are going into the store and putting candles in them to see how they look. Prices start at $50.

glassybaby piece at the Hyatt Regency


If you’re looking for unique pieces of art, check out Dozfy, a menu artist that will create on just about anything. Dozfy has gained fame by drawing on menus everywhere he goes and his work can be found on the walls of many restaurants in Seattle and beyond. He also does fun events where he draws on coasters, oyster shells, and more! My favorite piece is messenger bag with a bowl of ramen on it. I love it so much! Dozfy sells products on his website but follow his Instagram to catch him around town doing different things! Also, he does custom art so if you have an idea, run it by him.

Ramen drawing by Dozfy

Ellenos Greek Yogurt

This year, Ellenos released a new line of merchandise. I had a fantastic tote but ended up giving it to my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau. Recently, we were sent the cutest sweatshirts! You can find their merch online.

Pumpkin Pie sweatshirt

Moon Valley Organics

Moon Valley Organics is one of my favorite stops at Pike Place Market! I love many of their products but my absolute favorite is their Lavender Herbal Lotion Bar. I keep the bar on my desk and use it all day long. It smells lovely and moisturizes perfectly! For $11.99, it lasts a a long time.

Lavender Herbal Lotion Bar


I learned about this company from Conner Cayson, known as Find Me in Seattle. Later, Viaduct reached out to provide me with a shirt of my choice. It was hard to choose one because I liked a lot of them. Check out their website for neighborhood and Seattle centric themes.

I love the “EAT” in Seattle!

Check back for more items – I add them as I see them around town! Hope you find some inspiration from some of these items whether for yourself or others. Have a happy holiday!


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