Treat Yourself to a Stay at Tulalip Resort Casino

I’ve been to Tulalip Resort Casino many times over the years but never stayed at the hotel. I was ecstatic to receive an invitation to visit and experience everything they have to offer! I live in Seattle and it was just a short 30-minute drive away. This post will focus on the resort and amenities and I’ve written about the food and beverage here.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. Tulalip Resort Casino provided a complimentary stay, food, beverage, concert tickets, and spa credit. All opinions are my own.

Free valet service from friendly attendants made parking and unloading a breeze! Parking is always a hassle in Seattle so it was a luxury to cross that off my list of worries.

Getting ready to check-in!

The lobby centerpiece is majestic, as is the rest of the resort, steeped in the history and culture of the Tulalip Tribes. Check-in was very quick and I couldn’t wait to see the room. If you need some help planning what to do on your stay, be sure to touch base with the concierge.


The Room

I fell in love with the room immediately! It’s one of the most beautiful rooms I’ve stayed in. I hear they were renovated in 2016. Part native inspiration and part modern flair, it was visually appealing and practical to fit any traveler’s needs. The sheer amount of outlets and USB chargers put most hotels to shame. In an electronic world, I have lots of things to charge and it’s a comfort that many places overlook. In terms of decor, I loved the color choices – black, red, white. Design elements like the couch, curtains, and lighting fixtures were all thoughtfully assembled. Everything was beautiful! It’s easy to see why the resort has won many awards, including the AAA-Four-Diamond rating.

My beautiful room
Beverage station

I planned on staying in the room for just a few minutes before heading to the Oasis Pool but ended up staying longer than expected. The view of the mountains was calming. The couch was comfortable and made relaxing easy. I’m not a fan of hotel furniture that looks like it came out of a hospital waiting room and feels like a rock. This was very much the opposite. The bed was extravagant, stocked with a multitude of well-fluffed pillows and a mattress that was soft, yet firm.

This couch was so comfortable!
Artwork in the room

The bathroom was glorious! I had the perfect place to put all my stuff, apply my make up, and more! When I told friends I was headed to stay at Tulalip Resort Casino, the number one thing people talked about was the shower. The shower is equipped with three different rotating heads at three different levels. As a short person, I appreciate the ability to move the heads around since I’m often struggling to get the water stream right so I can wash my hair. When getting out of the shower, comfortable robes awaited me! I loved lounging in these!

The bathroom
Couldn’t wait to use these!
Primping before happy hour

I have to take a minute to talk about the glasses in the bathroom. A simple thing like a sophisticated glass is something most hotels don’t think about. I used to work at a AAA-Five-Diamond resort and all they had was a plain glass with their log on it. The glasses here are a work of art!

The glasses stole the show!

The Oasis Pool

After I was done exploring my room a bit, I headed to the Oasis Pool for a swim before happy hour. I chose the perfect time! It wasn’t very crowded and I had a relaxing time swimming and dipping in the hot tub. The pool is encased in an atrium, letting in natural light which is the perfect design for the Pacific Northwest. The waterfall is mesmerizing, which many people enjoyed by walking over the footbridge. There’s also a patio for those who want to enjoy the outdoors.

Time to head to the pool!
Tons of natural light at the pool

The Concert

Tulalip Resort Casino has many entertainment options. One of the highlights of the visit was seeing Wynonna Judd in concert. I haven’t followed her music much for she was a FANTASTIC entertainer! The resort offers many different concert venues whether you’re attending or booking a show.

Cell phone picture of Wynonna Judd


A hotel stay isn’t complete without pampering. T-Spa was amazing! The entrance is very welcoming with a fireplace and every product you need to care for yourself. I got some shopping done while I was there – one of my favorites was the lavender products. The spa services include massage, body treatments, skin care, make up, hair removal, nail care, teeth whitening, and tanning. On this trip, I chose a River Rock Hot Stone massage. The process was seamless and I was asked relevant questions about what I needed. There was good communication about what was working well and whether I needed something different during the massage. I love hot stone massages and I came out feeling like a new person!

Entry way


I stopped by Salal Marketplace to buy something to take home to my son. I found a great multi-tool that was just his style! I ended up spending quite a bit on gifts for others as well. I usually struggle to find the “right” gifts for people but the selection was so great I felt like I could shop for days! It was much more interesting than the standard tourist stuff I’m used to seeing.

Headed Home

Over the last few years, my family and I have decreased the amount of long out-of-town trips we take. Instead, we’ve been focused on exploring the Pacific Northwest and taking shorter trips that don’t require as much travel time. I was glad for the invite to Tulalip Resort Casino because it’s not that far from home and offered a getaway with the things I need to relax. Many thanks to Tulalip Resort Casino for the hospitality!


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