Top 6 Street Food Desserts

It’s September and Seattlelites are facing the end of summer. Before that happens, get out and enjoy some delicious summer treats on the street. I’m sharing my top 6 favorites with you. Get out there before the season is over and don’t forget to check the business websites or social media for updates on their locations.

Sticky Rice from Sticky Treats and Sweets

Black Sesame Sticky Rice from Sticky Treats and Sweets

This family-owned and operated business is a newcomer to the Seattle street food scene, debuting at the South Lake Union Saturday Market in May. This dessert is so good, I covered it in Episode 41 of Seattle Foodie Podcast because it made my Top 3 Summer Eats list. Customize your treat by choosing your flavored sticky rice and ice cream. It all comes topped with crispy quinoa and a coconut caramel drizzle. The sweet sticky rice comes in a variety of flavors like chocolate cardamom, traditional coconut, black sesame, and matcha green tea. The ice cream is from my favorite Lopez Island Creamery and Pink’s. Pro tip: You can even get it in a sandwich (mind blown).

Hawaiian Style Shave Ice from Mike’s Shave Ice

Halo Halo Shave Ice by Mike’s Shave Ice

Sometimes a snow cone or shaved ice simply won’t do. I’m from Hawaii so shave ice (or ice shave) is where it’s at. When I lived in Hawaii, I took a lot of things for granted. Shave ice was one of those things. I can always get it at Marination Ma Kai but Mike’s Shave Ice is a game changer. Their specialty flavors are the best you’ll have in the region. I’m talking halo halo, strawberry matcha, mango sago, and more! The ice is light and fluffy. Some of their syrups are made from scratch (like lilikoi and strawberry) and they’re divine! Other syrups like melona transport me to my childhood. Although I’m lactose intolerant, you can always find me asking for a snow cap (condensed milk) on top. Find Mike’s on the streets or have them cater your next event!

Edible Cookie Dough from Sugar + Spoon

Camp Fire (seasonal) Cookie Dough from Sugar + Spoon Dough

I’ve had a chance to try different flavors of cookie dough since Sugar + Spoon opened. My absolute favorite seasonal flavor, the Camp Fire just ended a successful run. It was a playful take on s’mores, available with a scoop of ice cream to take it up a notch. From the regular menu, I’m a fan of the classic chocolate chip dough. Don’t worry folks, this is safe to eat because they don’t use eggs and their flour is heat treated. Eat as much as you want! If you want to have dough at home, you can always buy a pint (or two or three) to go! You can often find the truck at Westlake Center unless they schedule another event.

Mangonada from Mangosteen

Mangonada from Mangosteen

Everyone knows I’m a fan of Mangosteen’s chicken wings. What you may not know is that I’m also a fan of their mangonada. I don’t get it often because it’s very filling. It’s a 100% mango fruit slushy that has additional mango chunks, Chamoy, and Tajin. This has the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and sour to keep me coming back all summer! Your last chance to see Mangosteen this season will be on September 14th at the C-ID Night Market.

Rolled Ice Cream from SÜSU Rolled Ice Cream

S’mores Fun from SUSU Rolled Ice Cream

My favorite flavors are rotating ones and the menu here changes every three weeks. You’ll always find S’mores Fun on the menu so it’s a great one to try. My son and I usually share this one and my job is to eat all the delicious shaved chocolate and grab a few bites before he turns it into a milkshake. Occasionally, I’ll sneak off without my son and grab a serving to myself (but that’s pretty rare). Catch this rolling duo on the streets until their storefront opens later this year in Chinatown!

Bubble Waffles from Puffle Up

S’mores Bubble Waffle from Puffle Up

When Puffle Up came on the scene, I was excited to finally find a place that got their batter right with consistent results. Sometimes I’ll just get a waffle or waffle taco to stroll down the street. Other times, I’ll get one of their tasty creations with a scoop of ice cream. Of course, I love my chocolate so s’mores is pretty high on the list. Although Puffle Up is off the streets after summer is over, watch their social media for special pop ups during the winter.

Happy end of summer! Enjoy these delicious treats while you can!


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