Treat Yourself at Lush Cosmetics

Last night, I attended a fun event at Lush Cosmetics at Westlake Center. Lush makes body care products that are made from natural ingredients sourced from small family owned farms and women’s cooperatives. Their products are fun and colorful! I was excited to hang out with some of my foodie and lifestyle friends!

Westlake Storefront

I got to create my own Groovy Kind of Love bath bomb. It has rosewood, bergamot, and ylang ylang oils. This was a fun, hands-on activity that gets everyone involved. While a group of us madebombs, Lush staff chatted with us and answered any questions we had. I can’t wait to try it! It takes 24-hours to set.

Bath Bombs

Browsing the store was so fun! Staff members answered questions, made recommendations, and provided samples. I saw my friends getting mini-facials, lip scrub treatments, and even staying hydrated with mists!

Coco Loco Naked Shower Oil

I signed up for a foot soak and it was fantastic! It started with Foot Soak and Fancy Free. This soak is full of salts and Irish moss powder. It also has fragrant French lavender oil and jasmine. It softened my feet, which will help in between pedi appointments. Next, Sonja from Lush used the Pumice Power foot soap on my feet. It’s a cute soap bar with pumice in it which is exactly what I need for my dry heels. I was already feeling refreshed but then Sonja brought the Pink Peppermint foot lotion with cooling peppermint and spearmint oils. It has almond oil, fair trade organic cocoa butter, and arnica. Those ingredients both moisturize and soothe achy feet. After a hot summer day, this was a welcome treat and my feet felt energized! Sonja finished the service with T for Toes powder that absorbs foot odor with tea tree and lime essential oils. I’m telling you, if I could have this everyday, I’d be a new woman!!!

The Comforter Bath Bomb

My friend Annie convinced me to get the Shimmy Shimmy massage bar because we were all having fun with the glittery sheen. It isn’t just pretty, it feels luxurious and buttery. The vanilla and lavender scent is perfect for someone like me that doesn’t use perfume or heavy fragrance.

Twilight Shower Jelly

While I was browsing around, I had some Molly Moon’s Union Coffee ice cream and Pressed Juicery watermelon lemon mint juice. Yes, I can’t stay away from watermelon! Ever! It was the perfect way to hydrate on a hot day.

Molly Moon’s Ice Cream
Pressed Juicery Selection

Lush shares their values openly, not just on paper, but in practice. As you browse the store, you can see how they implement their goals.

  1. Freshest Cosmetics. Fresh ingredients means better effect on your skin or hair. Lush makes fresh batches of products to deliver to their shops as soon as possible.
  2. 100% Vegetarian. In addition to Lush products being 100% vegetarian, they are also 80% vegan. They are always looking for alternatives to animal ingredients and especially focused on being cruelty-free.
  3. Ethical Buying. The buying team at Lush procures ingredients and packaging, tracing them from plant to processing to ensure ethical processes.
  4. Handmade. Everything is handmade by Lush teams, and not just the products we buy. The furniture is created by a Team in Vancouver, BC using reclaimed wood!
  5. Naked. The impact on landfills is shocking when you think about plastic wrap on a single bath bomb. You won’t find that at Lush. They have a huge selection of naked (or unpackaged) products for us to buy.
  6. Fighting Animal Testing. For over 30 years, Lush has been fighting against animal testing. They choose ingredients from companies that don’t commission tests on animals and only uses human volunteers to test their products.

It was a fun night! If you’re interested in an event like this, Lush Westlake offers private parties for 6-12 guest. It includes a private shopping experience, personalized consultation, and making bath bombs.

Many thanks to Rebel Rose Consulting, Lush Cosmetics, Molly Moon’s and Pressed Juicery for a great night! The night was made even better with my foodie and lifestyle friends! Be sure to stop by Lush Cosmetics because you should treat yourself!


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