Cold Plate Keeps Things Rolling in the U-District

Cold Plate is a rolled ice cream shop in the University District that is serving up teas (cheese, milk, fruit) and acai bowls in addition to the signature rolled ice cream. Recently, Seattle foodie @bobaeggs invited my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I to attend a tasting event with a group.


I’m a fan of ice cream, and rolled ice cream in particular. Cold Plate has a large menu of offerings that will have something for everyone. They also offer vegan options for the ice cream by using a soy base. Watching them roll the ice cream is always fun! The Cookies & Cream was one of my favorites because they sprinkles they added had a nice crunchy texture. I’m always a fan of s’more so the Bonfire was also one that I loved!

Toasting a Marshmallow

Rolled Ice Cream

Bonfire: chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker


Matcha Madness: green tea, grass jelly, green tea cookie

Matcha Madness

Banana Split: vanilla, banana, chocolate flakes, strawberry

Banana Split

Cookies and Cream: vanilla, oreo, whipped cream

Cookies & Cream

Mango Rico: vanilla, mango, mochi

Mango Rico

Strawberry Bliss: yogurt, strawberry, pop rock candy

Strawberry Bliss

Thai Tea: vanilla, Thai tea, tapioca, lychee jelly

Thai Tea


To quench your thirst, Cold Plate offers cheese, milk, and fruit teas. You can get them with additional toppings. The fruit teas have real fruit in them so you really taste those fresh flavors. I drank the taro smoothie and it was mild and refreshing on a hot day.

(left to right) Passion Fruit Tea, Taro Smoothie, Cheese Tea
Strawberry Smoothie with Crema

If you’re in the U-District, check out Cold Plate. While we were there, tons of people came in and out for a cool treat. Thank you Cold Plate and @bobaeggs for hosting us! I’ll be back to try some of the acai bowls!


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