Sampling Von’s Menu and Crafted Spirits

Von’s 1000 Spirits is a place where you can get a great happy hour, filling meal, and excellent drinks! It’s been awhile since I visited and recently, my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I had a chance to visit. We went at night so please excuse the lighting on the photos.

Von’s Dining Room

Von’s is a 100% sourdough scratch kitchen. Their bakers produce Seattle Sourdough for their brioche Hamburg buns, sourdough pasta, and pizza. They are also firm believers in sourcing local products, which is convenient since they’re near Pike Place Market.

If you’re looking for a great cocktail, Von’s delivers by crafting spirits in house. Any place that has an “alchemist” as a dedicated bar scientist is tops! They create refined, house-crafted, small-batch liquors. Some of their offerings are Mayahuel Anejo Tequila, Junipered Gin, Santified Vodka, and Boss Bourbon. We had a Perfect Smoked Manhattan which was smoked tableside. It’s quite an experience to see it prepared! We also had a Magic Mai Tai made of a nice mixture of rums and very colorful with ice bulbs (bright flashing ones). The cocktails were well done and sophisticated.

Hot fennel sausage and black garlic ricotta white pizza

We had to get pizza! Our choice was the Hot Fennel Sausage and Black Garlic Ricotta White Pizza. A garlicky punch paired with mild ricotta makes for a great combo! The sundried tomato jam add a bit of flavor and texture. It’s all topped with Beecher’s white cheddar for the win!

Von’s Original Wings (in frame: Nelson Lau)

I’m a fan of chicken wings so Von’s Original Wings were a must! The wings were seasoned well and balanced. They came with a side of housemade buttermilk ranch for dipping. Overall, it was a solid wing that was flavorful without being too spicy.

Von’s Signature Salad

I order salads when they look interesting and Von’s Signature Salad fit the bill! I love a bit of sweet and savory in my salads. This one had Yakima apples, brown sugared walnuts, organic Rogue River blue cheese, Dessert King fig, romaine, and balsamic vinaigrette. Typically, I stay away from blue cheese because it tends to be over the top. The blue cheese was balanced perfectly and worked well with the other components. I’m also a huge fan of figs so any dish with figs will turn my head. The salad was one of the best things I had that night!

Seattle sea stew

The Seattle Sea Stew was made to order. It was filled with manila clams, salmon, and cod in a roasted tomato broth. It was savory and comforting. The Seattle sourdough croutons were huge! That was a pleasant surprise because a warm bowl of soup needs some carbs to tip the scales.

Campfire Rocky Road Pie

I was getting a bit full but can’t say no to dessert. I know. I shouldn’t. But…I did. I had to have the Campfire Rocky Road Pie. The plate had burnt marshmallows on it, salted caramel, fudge Oreo brownie, and vanilla ice cream. I made sure each bite had a bit of each and it was heavenly!!!

Spin the wheel for specials

Overall, I had a great time at Von’s! It’s a great spot for lunch, dinner, or happy hour. They also have a variety of group options for parties, meetings, banquets, and social events whether it’s for 20 people or 200! I”m so grateful to Von’s for hosting such a fun and delicious meal!


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