Visiting The Smith Tower

The Smith Tower is Seattle’s Original Skyscraper. Recently, my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I were invited to happy hour in the Observatory & Bar, a prohibition-inspired space. The visit included complimentary admission to the observatory deck, self-guided museum, and a chance to try some food and drink. It was also very timely because they were getting ready to start a new three-part speaker series!

The series is called Smells Like Seattle Spirits: Tales of the Northwest’s Rumrunning Past. The series combines history, whiskey, and storytelling. The next two dates for the series are April 1st (SOLD OUT) and May 6th from 8pm to 10pm.

Runnin’ with the Devil

The series features a specialty cocktail (only available at the events) called Runnin’ with the Devil made of Appleton Estate Signature Blend Rum, FORO Amaro, lemon sheret, lime, and absinthe rinse. Sounds good right? This cocktail is smooth and delicious!

When entering, I noticed the lobby entry featured tons of cute merchandise. After picking up your ticket, you can peruse the self-guided museum which is informative and a blast from the past. I’m not from Seattle so I’m always looking for ways to learn more about the area.

Next came the ride in the historic Otis elevator. The elevator and attendant provided a unique experience. The conversation was very enjoyable and although I had to face the back of the elevator car (I’m afraid of heights), it was a smooth ride.

The bar is beautiful and I had to take it all in for a minute. Historic decor transported me to a different time compared to bright, modern spaces I’m used to. The space was filled with a good amount of people enjoying happy hour at dusk.

Prawn Cocktail
Artisan Cheese Plate
Chocolate Toffee Kahlua Mousse Cake

I tried the prawn cocktail, artisan cheese plate, and chocolate toffee kahlua mousse cake topped with sea salt caramel sauce. I had another event to attend after happy hour so the cheese plate was perfect! The prawn cocktail met my seafood craving but was just enough so I didn’t get too full. The mousse cake was to die for! The flavors blended perfectly and my fork slid through the cake with more grace than I’ll ever have! Each bite was more decadent than the last. Nelson isn’t a chocolate fan so I thought I’d be able to eat the whole thing. Wrong! It was so good, I had to share it with him. Boo.

View from The Smith Tower

After I ate, I made my way out to the Observatory. You can walk around to get 360 views. Whether you want to see mountains or the Sound, they’ve got you covered. I’m afraid of heights but with the proper breathing exercises, can venture out for short periods of time. I liked The Smith Tower because I felt very safe while I was outside.

Me and Nelson

The last thing I did was take a few pictures with Nelson. In the bar, they have a fun photo booth that is part of a wall. You can sit in chairs for a picture or you can stand right in front of it. We’re fans of photobooths and this was a great one!

This was before I knew how the machine worked

If you can’t make it to the last speaker series, not to worry. The Smith Tower has a happy hour that you can access for $10.50 that runs Tuesday to Thursday from 4pm-6pm. Many thanks to The Smith Tower for hosting us! I’ll have to visit more often!

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