Li’l Woody’s 2019 Burger Month

Each year, Li’l Woody’s presents Seattle Burger Month. 4 Burgers, 4 Chefs, 4 Weeks. In 2019, the event ran from February 5th to March 4th. This year, diners who purchase all 4 burgers received a limited-edition Burger Month denim lunch bag with leather straps. I ate a burger each week and scored one of those cute bags! Here’s a recap of the burgers!

Week 1: Stuart Lane – The Italian Job

The Italian Job by Chef Stuart Lane

Artusi meatballs, provolone, arugula, tomato sauce, garlic aioli, Grand Central Bakery ciabatta bun

Week 2: Mutsuko Soma – The Kamonegi Burger

The Kamonegi Burger by Chef Mutsuko Soma

Seared duck/chicken patty, duck egg, arugula, Yuzu kewpie mayo, charcoal bun

Week 3: Mitch Mayers – The Deli Burger

The Deli Burger by Chef Mitch Mayers

1/4 pound Painted Hills grass fed beef, pastrami, sliced red onions, iceberg lettuce, spicy kosher pickle, Russian dressing, cream cheese Mornay, on an everything spiced bun

Week 4: Melissa Miranda – The SARAP Sandwich

The SARAP Sandwich by Chef Melissa Miranda

Roasted pork adobo, chicharrones, radishes, fried garlic, patis salsa verde, Hawaiian bun

Chef Melissa Miranda

All of the burgers were unique but my favorite one was The SARAP Sandwich and it wasn’t because my Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I ate it with Melissa Miranda. I loved this one so much I ate it TWICE! The roasted pork adobo had deep flavor and all the components went well together. The only thing is that I could have used more chicharrones because I love those! The sweetness of the Hawaiian bun pulled it all together. Is it too early for me to start thinking about 2020 Seattle Burger Month?


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