Peony Kitchen’s Weekend Dim Sum Brunch

Through the month of November, Peony Kitchen is offering a special promotion on their weekend dim sum brunch service. The regular price of $29.95 per person will be reduced to $19.95 per person and $10.95 for children. It’s a great way to try a wide variety of dim sum in Bellevue.

Nelson arranges dumplings

My Seattle Foodie Podcast co-host Nelson Lau and I were invited to Peony Kitchen to try their dim sum brunch. On a lazy Sunday morning, we got there when the restaurant opened as staff began bringing out tons of food for the buffet line.

Our spread for the day

About half the buffet line is dedicated to a variety of dumplings. My favorite was the siu mai since I’m all about that pork! It was topped with flavorful bits of mushroom. The chicken wings were another favorite of mine. They were nice and salty, just the way I like them. They had a good amount of peppers in the tray but they weren’t overly spicy. The chow mein was cooked well and made for a good base. I love eating noodles of any kind! The green beans were just right and had a good amount of garlic on them.

Fried bean curd and potstickers
Build your own congee

Overall, there’s plenty to choose from for everyone! Check them out for their reduced price for the month of November!


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