Grazing at Feed Co. Burgers


Nestled in the Central District, you’ll find Feed Co. Burgers, a casual eatery where you can get burgers, shakes, and more! Parking can be challenging but not to worry, Feed Co. Burgers has a parking lot across the street for customers! Recently, I was invited to try some items off their brunch menu that runs from 10am-2pm. As we all know, Seattlelites LOVE brunch! I welcomed the chance to try a few new items like the arriva el sol burger, breakfast fries, and the bloody mary burger.


The arriva el sol burger is a mix of scrambled eggs, roasted peppers, goat cheese, basil, bacon, and arugula in a brioche roll. My beef with brioche is that it often gets soggy before I can finish eating it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the case with this dish. The brioche was nice and soft and held up until I finished my meal. The scrambled eggs mix had nice balance and I’m a huge fan of goat cheese and bacon. The delicate nature of the goat cheese paired well with some of the bolder ingredients. Overall, this was filling and tasty!

Bloody Mary Burger (left); Arriva El Sol Burger (right)

The breakfast frites was my favorite dish and I couldn’t stop eating it! A base of crisp fries is topped with chorizo, eggs, Mama Lil’s peppers, cheddar cheese, ranchero salsa, cotija, and cilantro. At just $5.75, it’s a steal! The bloody mary burger was an interesting concept. It’s a 4 ounce beef patty topped with jack cheese, pickled okra, red onion, celery, and housemade bloody mary sauce. Everything went well together and it was absolutely reminiscent of a bloody mary.

Breakfast Frites

Feed Co. Burgers is open 7 days a week from 11am-9pm. For real time posts daily, check out my Instagram stories.

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