Marmite Summer Tasting

In late July, I was invited to Marmite on Capitol Hill to sample the new seasonal menu. It was a quiet evening hosted by Chef Bruce Naftaly and crew. As always, it was great to meet new people and catch up with friends while tasting a variety of dishes.

Grilled broccoli raab

I’m often surprised by the dishes I fall in love with. For this event, the grilled broccoli raab with pine nuts, anchoïade, and Meyer lemon zest stole my heart. It was simple and complex at the same time. The broccoli had the perfect texture and char. Summer is all about fresh ingredients and these were my favorite!

Dungeness crab cocktail

The Dungeness crab cocktail was a traditional dish with a few creative touches. The crab sat on layers of avocado mousse and horseradish. It was topped with lemon gelée and a parmesan puffed cracker. The lemon gelée provided an interesting texture plus a “pop” of citrus to the succulent crab.

Spicy Aspen Hollow lamb meatballs

I’m a fan of all things lamb! Spicy Aspen Hollow lamb meatballs paired with hand cut pasta, summer vegetables, minted crème fraiche, and rosemary lamb jus hit the spot.

Boeuf paupiette

It’s hard to beat a tender cut of beef, am I right? The boeuf paupiette was composed of beef tenderloin stuffed with garlic, rosemary, thyme, and olives with tomatoes and zucchini ribbons. I cut through the beef with my fork. The zucchini ribbons were such a vibrant green, I felt like I was eating in a country garden!

Albacore fillet

Albacore fillet was served with a spicy potato cake, wilted spinach, gooseberries and dill. I thought the potato cake wouldn’t pair well but I was wrong. The entire dish was light and flavorful!

Mini macarons from Amandine

Until I was invited to Marmite, I hadn’t figured out that Amandine was connected to the restaurant. I’ve long been a fan of Amandine and mini macarons was the perfect way to top off the evening!


I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit Marmite! There were many dishes on the menu that called to me. Stop by when you get a chance!



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