South Lake Union Saturday Market

The third season of the South Lake Union Saturday Market kicked off on May 6th. Nestled next to Denny Park, it’s a great place to browse, eat, and shop. Although I don’t live nearby, I try to make it for opening day, special events, and the end of the season.


Busker at SLU Market

This year, the Market opening coincided with the reopening of Denny Park, which had been undergoing improvements. One of my favorite things about this Market is that I can wander into the shade of the park to sit on the grass, watch my son play on the equipment, or find a quiet spot to chill.

Alexandra’s Macarons – Green tea raspberry

My first stop was on the south side of the Market at Alexandra’s Macarons. Popping up around town in a pink and white VW bus, Alexandra’s brings bursts of color and unique flavors such as black sesame mission fig and green tea raspberry matcha to life in macaron form.

Alexandra’s Macarons – Adorable pink and white VW bus


For lunch, I stopped by Lumpia World for a chicken katsu plate and spam island mac salad. The katsu plate is a deal for $10, having enough food for 2-3 people to eat! The spam island mac is composed of traditional mac salad topped with chopped spam and a tasty sauce.

Lumpia World – Spam Island Mac

To quench my thirst, I stopped by Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades. It’s hard to beat a mason jar full of tropical lemonade on a warm day! I had lilikoi strawberry lemonade today. If you plan on visiting more than once, I recommend buying a mason jar. You save on waste and on your refill costs in the future. Plus, it’s cute design!

Wow Wow Lemonades – Lilikoi Strawberry Lemonade

My main reason for visiting today was to check out Puffle Up, a new business serving up cone style egg puff waffles with toppings. If you haven’t had them before, egg puff waffles take time since each one has to be cooked individually. Puffle Up offers both a chocolate and regular batter as well as four different types of ice cream and many toppings. They have some pre-made combinations you can pick from but are happy to modify them to your liking.

Puffle Up – Chocolate Egg Puff Waffle

SLU Market is a great place to catch new businesses and existing favorites! Again, having Denny Park nearby is one of my favorite reasons to visit. There’s also tons of businesses nearby so you can run errands or have a bit more fun while in the neighborhood.






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