University of Washington Cherry Blossoms

Each year, I wait anxiously for the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington quad to bloom.  Winter kept hanging on and I thought spring would never come.  Then, one day, POP!  Cherry blossoms arrived in Seattle!

DSC07965 copy-1024x682

The UW today reported that the blooms would arrive on April 1st and that’s when I was there.  Aside from the pictures posted here, I also wanted to share some tips for folks who haven’t visited before.

DSC07972-1 copy-1024x692

Parking – Unless you are magically blessed, have an extreme amount of patience, or a secret parking deal, I don’t recommend parking on campus.  The bus is a great option and carpooling is definitely recommended.  If you need to drive, you may want to hit the side streets to park.

DSC07978 copy-1024x682

Respect – Don’t hurt the cherry trees.  They are very old (over 80-years old) and precious and certainly don’t need your ass sitting on a limb, picking flowers, or breaking branches.

DSC07970 copy-1024x613

Crowds – EVERYBODY wants to see the cherry blossoms.  If you need a shot without other people, you need to get up early in the morning during the week.  I’ve been there at various times and enjoy it either way.

DSC07951 copy-1024x635

If you don’t want to miss the bloom, follow @uwcherryblossom on Twitter.  Also, a number of news channels regularly report when blooms are at 100%.  




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