Georgetown Carnival

Unique vendors onsite

Each year, I look forward to the Georgetown Carnival.  By far, this is one of my favorite neighborhood festivals!  While many events around Seattle offer the same old thing, this event is unique.

Art is a central theme of the Carnival.  Get there early in the day to see acrobats, stilt walkers, and jugglers that interact with the crowd.  If music is your jam, there are a number of stages with posted schedules of performers so you don’t miss your favorites.

Pet friendly

I was late to the party this year since I was coming straight from the opening of the Shoreline Farmers Market north of Seattle.  The festivities start at 12PM and go till 10PM so there’s plenty to see all day long!

The Carnival is the ideal setting for people watching.  Costumes and style that reflect the edgy, industrial vibe of Georgetown is taken up a notch.  Basically, it’s a bunch of people cooler than me.

Plenty of local performances

Over the years Georgetown has been transformed and the food game has improved.  Aside from great bricks options, the Carnival is host to food trucks.  My stops this year included Six Strawberries and Nosh.

Six Strawberries won my heart in 2012, when I chased the bike around Ballard trying to get what would become my favorite pop – blueberry lemonade.  Years later, the evolution of this small business has been amazing to watch.  On this particular day, I visited their new van to grab a peach melon li hing mui pop and it did not disappoint!  The sweet, fruity flavors combined with the distinct li hing mui powder reminded me of growing up in Hawaii.  I loved it!  I was trying to figure out how to buy a case and get them home on a warm day.  Luckily, Six Strawberries will be opening a store front soon.

Six Strawberries pops are yummy!

My love affair with Nosh began years ago.  My expectations of food trucks (and food in general) in Seattle is high.  Nosh has met that challenge every time and set a new standard.  I’ve had everything on their menu and decided to order fish and chips at the Carnival.  If you can find a bigger, better piece of fish for the price, you should buy it.  The fish is fresh; the batter is perfect; the technique is on point.  Nosh will redefine your reality and ruin you for all others.  Forever.

British style fish and chips

If you have little ones, I recommend spin art, paint catapulting, and Sandbox Sports.  Spin art is created by spinning a record on a turntable while the artist drips paint creating a one of a kind piece to take home.  Paint catapults are fun for kids as they shoot paint onto a canvas that will be ready to pick up when you leave the Carnival.  Finally, depending on the age of your child, you can take them to Sandbox to play in the sandy volleyball courts.  There’s plenty to keep the kids busy at this family event!


All ages flock to the Carnival for Hazard Factory’s Power Drag Tool Races!  Grinders, belt sanders, circular saws, etc. are transformed into drag racers.  While the location has moved around the neighborhood, the result is always the same – a unique experience that everyone should see at least once.  Drag racers are each a unique piece of art that at times, may or may not lose a few parts along the strip.  This year, I unexpectedly ran into a friend that was entering the race for the first time.  Super exciting!


The Georgetown Carnival is held on the 2nd Saturday of June – mark your calendars!

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